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Prevent Paycheck Errors with Employee Time Clocks

Avoid errors while tracking your workers' time with employee time clocks from ABM Corp. Our inventory of devices provides the accuracy you expect from timekeeping machines. We also have time stamp machines that help you make sure paperwork and files move from place to place on schedule. Reach out to us for quality timekeeping devices.

Time Clocks

We carry the following time clocks:

  • Acroprint
  • Amano
  • Lathem

Recording Devices

Our electronic time recorders provide solutions for a wide range of a business's essential timekeeping needs. We carry the Time Recording brand with the following features:

  • Automatically Calculates, Accumulates, & Records Each Employee's Worked Hours
  • Programmable Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly Pay Period
  • Calculation of Daily, Regular, & Overtime Hours
  • Rounding of in-out Punches
  • Easy Data Corrections
  • Generates Reports
  • Power Reserve & Automatic Daylight Savings Changes

Certify Documents with Time Stamping

In various business fields, staff must fill out, deliver, and file forms within a certain timeframe. A timestamp is the most efficient and official way to be sure of a document's timely delivery. Our company offers time stamping machines and numbering machines to help you keep track of time-sensitive files.

Time Stamps

You know exactly when the paperwork was in your hands with our heavy-duty time stamp for imprinting year, month, date, and time on almost any size paper. Solid-state circuitry controls a crisp, constant print every time, and solid brass type wheels provide superior imprint quality. You can customize your timestamp with various options.

  • H 7 7/16"
  • W 4 11/16"
  • D 10 3/16"
  • Automatic Trigger Printing
  • Heavy-Duty All-Metal Case with Key Lock
  • All-Metal Type Wheels
  • Long-Life Ribbon That's Easy to Change
  • Adjustable Print for Multiple Copies
  • Custom Engraving for above or below Time

Numbering Machines

Whenever sequential numbering is required, this device is the one to use. Choose a variety of options for your application, such as duplicate action, repeat switch, and code wheels. Solid-state circuitry controls both the number advance and assures consistent impressions. These models stamp a number each time a user inserts a document and advances automatically. Ask for the ADN-E if you need both the date and sequential numbers. Solid brass type wheels provide superior imprint quality and long life.

  • Optional Features
  • Adjustable Trigger & Print Placement
  • Repeat Switch for Stamping the Same Number More than Once
  • Reverse Print for Stamping at the Bottom of the Page
  • Additional Number Wheels or Letter Wheels
  • Custom Engraving for above or below Numbers